Album Reviews: In Disguise

  • Interesting band. We talked about the second album by these italians ("Weird Theater") in an old issue back in 2007 and back then the boys were doing, musically speaking, exactly what bands such as The Devil's Blood and Ghost are celebrated for nowadays: melanchonic metal with high-tone singing, inspired by the strenght of Mercyful Fate.
    With the present 10-inches EP (red vinyl with an original comic included) the boys, however, have gone farther. Blue Oyster Cult meet The Stranglers would be a spontaneus comparison: dark and atmospheric rock songs accompained by keyboards, easy and beautiful to hear. Rock fans and vinyl collectors should simply listen to this 4-songs disc. We look forward for the next full-lenght album!
  • Half a year before this, The Mugshots did release their first two albums and very quickly we cheered the new EP release. On vinyl. Red. Fetish. First of all we have to remember that The Mugshots were born ten years ago in order to give life to a horror punk rock sound. All of this was followed by a certain image and theatrical performance which completed the whole story. It's up to you to imagine how it can look like. A sound ...which sounds to me more interesting, I have to admit, than the first two albums. This EP is something, hmmm, not commercial, and certainly more peaceful, listenable. The albums had somehow a darker atmosphere. Although if you look at the lyrics, the themes are not even a little bit brighter.
    It is interesting to me that this EP contains a comic made ​​specifically for this occasion, for the song that opens the record, "In Disguise". The last song is a cover song: "I surrender" by The Adverts.
    This is the work of a band which had the opportunity to gain positive comments from the likes of The Damned, UK Subs, The Stranglers; and you, after all of this, should notice the recommendation to
  • Nothing new comparised to what already written but you cannot say no to a new Italian release from The Mugshots. Of the four songs on this EP three are original and one is a cover. "I Surrender" was written by the cult British punks THE ADVERTS: in this version we have the theatrical way of singing typical of MEAT LOAF. Another song on the B-side, "An Embalmer's Lullaby", is also definitely oriented in the same direction. A-side contains "In Disguise" and "Beauty In Her Eyes", coming from The Misfits glam rock look. Although a little out-of-fashion today, it is obvious that Mickey Evil and his team love to play this today and, in any case, this is something worth to see and hear live. Cartoon cover and red 10''vinyl for the lucky ones who bought one of 250 printed copies of this EP containing an interesting comic: Mickey wrote the text and Enrico Zanoletti provided the drawings.
  • Captain Sensible (The Damned), Charlie Harper (UK Subs), Daniel Ray (producer of The Ramones and The Misfits), among the others, have praised them, and they are not wrong: The Mugshots is one of the coolest bands in today's European scene. After launching a full-length, more horror-punk influenced, the Italians bring us now with an 10" EP with four tracks, including their own version of "I Surrender" by The Adverts, this version approved by TV Smith himself. On vinyl - red, 180 grams, beautiful - the Mugshots appear darker than in the past, going over the side of goth punk horror, filling the music with keyboards and withthat kind of spirit similar to the Damned's "Machine Gun Etiquette" times. One of the best releases of 2010, a band that does very well what they wand and improves with each release. It is not exaggerated to say that they are Italy's coolest band nowadays.